Therapeutic Incense

Therapeutic Incense


Welcome to M.S Sensual Scents, located in Victorville, California and your answer to the perfect therapeutic incense. Our scented incense sticks are hand dipped for the perfect potency and aroma. With a vast array of tantalizing scents sure to rid away the stresses of the day, you choose calming scents such as Lavender, Jasmine, or Chamomile to name a few. Our therapeutic incense is the perfect way to set the mood for meditation, yoga, or any special event requiring an atmosphere of serenity. Rely on M.S Sensual Scents' quality and create the serenity and tranquility you need! Make the most of your search for therapeutic incense in Victorville, California and come experience our hand-dipped incense with us! Let us provide the therapeutic incense blend you desire - your perfect peace of mind is waiting for you.

Seven herbs incense, 4 sticks per box

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